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Training for optimal Fitness

Boxing and Martial Arts

Boxing for Fitness

Learn the art of striking while you get in the best shape of your life. My workout is designed to build lean muscle, burn fat & increase mental fortitude. As a true martial artist who values the use of all disciplines from Western Boxing, to Muay-Thai or Brazilian JiuJitsu, I try to embody the Jeet Kune Do philosophy of adaptation. 

"Be like water my friend" -Bruce Lee  

Functional Training

Movement training

Move like a human should. Train in multi-plane, ballistic and high intensity workouts that not only get you in great shape & build a strong foundation, but also translate to everyday life. 

Did you know that most injuries happen in the Transverse plane (rotational movement) and that these are often the mechanics which are most commonly ignored and neglected by mainstream training? Not with me. I'll make sure to have all of your needs covered. 

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Nutrition and Diet

My nutrition and lifestyle perspective has been developed from years of research and trial/error. I coach a lifestyle routine that is not only about increasing life span (Autophagy), but also the quality and enjoyment of life. 

By training with me, you will learn the benefits of fasting, cold thermogenesis, meditation, etc. and how to properly implement them into a daily routine. 

Boxing workout


My boxing program: 

We start with a warm-up which includes moves like lateral steps, high knees and jumping rope as well as calisthenics like push-ups, planks & squats

Then it's time to drill techniques that will be used during the session, followed by hitting focus mitts, where I will test your coordination, technique & stamina. This is the most engaging part of the workout!

We finish with a burnout and conditioning drill, as well as a cool-down to properly bring the body back to a relaxed state.

Explosive Functional Workout

One of my explosive training routines, using multi-plane, ballistic movements that train all aspects the neuro-muscular system, from aerobic/anaerobic endurance, to agility and coordination.

It might seem difficult, but with guidance and hard work, you can learn how to move like an athlete, as well as feel great overall.

For a sample client workout video, please checkout the "Functional Training" page of this site. 

Nutrition / Lifestyle

It's true that we are what we eat. But it goes deeper than that...we are also WHEN we eat, how we sleep, and what type of environmental stimuli we are exposed to. I employ about a dozen different techniques that are geared to have you feeling younger, stronger, and more mentally clear and stable than ever. Current research demonstrates the benefits of fasting, meditation, cold and sunlight exposure, and what they can do for our mitochondria (energy producing organelles that exist all over our body)  

Meal Prep